10 best beauty tips to carry on a trip

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We girls love to be adventurous which means a lot of tripping and travelling. That is the time when we mostly tend to forget about our makeup routines and beauty hacks. Well, that is something we do very bad for our skin.

Our skin requires its everyday love and care and for that here are a few best beauty tips that can make your skin look fantastic even on an adventurous trip.

1. Clean and moisturize- While you do all the adventure you don’t realize that your skin is quite suffering. It requires its proper cleansing and moisturizing. Make sure that you keep your face cleansed and moisturized at least thrice a day.

2. Facial mist- All the dust, heat or adventure can have bad effects on your skin and you might feel the need of clearing up kin with just water many times in a day. Many times that is not possible and in that situation you should have a facial mist as it clears and rejuvenates your skin.

3. Light foundation- Foundation acts like a mask on your face. When you clear up your face and wash off the foundation, you even get rid of all the oil, sweat and dust on your face. Use a tinted one because bad makeup effects can leave you devastated.

4. Lip care– lipsticks can be too heavy for a trip sometimes but you lips do not nourishment so settle down for a nice lip balm. It will protect and nourish your lips throughout.

5. Nail care- Do wear a nail polish to look funky and even protects your nails. Wear nude or light shades as their chances of chipping is less.

6. Eye drops- While travelling or going on a trip, keep your eyes relaxed. Do take eye drops with you as they can work effectively in clearing out all the unwanted dust out of your eyes.

7. Less makeup- Use makeup only when highly required. Try to avoid it for a relaxed tripping experience as its chances of chipping and cracking are great.

8. Keep your eyes natural-Try to wear only kajal as it will keep your eyes cool. Avoid heavy liners and mascara.

9. Away from face- Keep your hands off your face to prevent it from different bacteria and other harmful substances.

10. Carry a scarf- A hanky could also come in handy. The main idea behind this is to use it to remove extra dust or sweat.


Trips are fun and the above best beauty tips can make it even better.

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