10 Fashion tips you must know

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Fashion has become an important part of everybody’s life. It has turned into an absolute necessity for everyone. Fashion trends keep on developing and evolving with time but there are certain points and fashion tips which can help you survive any kind of fashion trending world.

Here are a few of the most important fashion tips of all time.

Fashion Tips

1. Develop a fashion style of your own. People don’t appreciate those who follow fashion; in fact they appreciate those who make up their own fashion. See what is good for you according to your body type and go on with it.

2. To add some dangle to your basic outfit don’t forget to accessorize it. Some bangles, neck piece or earrings can do the trick for you but don’t pile on all of it. Use a statement accessory for your outfit as per the requirement.

3. Many girls love to wear shirts and rolling up the sleeve but sometimes the look seems to be incomplete or something is missing. Right? If that is the case with you then remember keeping the first button buttoned. This will give you the perfect cuffed sleeve look.

4. Don’t miss out on the fitting. You maybe a person who loves to wear loose clothes but there are certain clothes in our wardrobe which demand good fitting. Make sure that those clothes are worn with proper fitting which flaunts your curves properly.

5. If you are wearing something short then do it with style. If you are wearing shorts or miniskirts then cover up on the top and if you are wearing a crop top and cover up on the bottom. This will give you real chic look.

6. Pencil skirts must be of your knee length. If they go much lower than that they will make you look shorter so avoid that.

7. Your shoes matter a lot. Wear the right pair of shoes with your outfit to give it an even better look and upgrade your style quotient

8. Whenever going for heavy or bridal shopping always go with makeup on and a bit of hair-do done to get an idea about how the dress would actually look.

9. When wearing turtle neck or high neck dresses or tops, tie your hair up in a high pony or a bun. This will accentuate the beauty of your dress and make your neck longer.

10. When wearing heavy embroidered clothing minimize your accessories and jewellery.


The above mentioned fashion tips are very useful in everyday life.

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