10 makeup products you must have

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Makeup has become a very important part of every woman’s life. Be it a teenager, a working lady or a house wife, makeup has become everybody’s best friend. There are a few makeup products that need to be kept with girls at all times in their handbags because you never know when you might feel the need to look glamorous.

Here are a few makeup products which are must have for every woman. Makeup Products

1. Sun screen– Never ever leave your house without wearing a sun screen. Sun screen helps protects your skin from the bad UV rays which could be extremely harmful for your delicate face. So use it as a precaution.

2. Foundation- As the name suggests, foundation forms the base for every time makeup. Foundation is used to even the surface of your skin and give you a glowing look. Foundation helps to make your face look fine and bright.

3. Concealer- Concealer plays a very important role in making your face look spot free. Concealer is mostly used below your eyes to cover up the dark circles and make your face look even toned and spot free.

4. Face powder- Face powder is used to settle down and blend in all the base makeup in your skin. It even controls excessive sweat on your face which could crack the base makeup. Without face powder makeup is incomplete.

5. Blush on- Blush on helps you in getting a sweet little red or pinkish glow on your cheeks. Blush on has become a favorite of many girls and ladies. It’s a must after base makeup

6. Eyeliner- Eyeliner is an everyday necessity for every girl. Eyeliners are considered as basic makeup. They help in making the eyes look bigger and better.

7. Kajal- Kajal is every girl’s absolute love. There are many girls who don’t like makeup but almost every girl loves kajal. Kajal nourishes the eyes and gives a pretty look.

8. Mascara- Eye makeup cannot be considered complete without the use of mascara. Mascara is used to define the eyelashes and make them look bigger.

9. Bb cream- BB cream is a blend of moisturizer and foundation all in one tube. BB cream works like a foundation but could be used on a daily basis. It’s must for college girlies.

10. Lipstick- Lipstick defines your lovely lips and makes them look stunning. No girl can survive without a lipstick or lip balm.


These makeup essentials can help you dress up for any sort of occasion.

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