10 minutes to bigger Velcro Hair Roller

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Who doesn’t want bigger and healthier hair with more volume? We all do! We do some much for helping our hair in growing and gaining more volume but sometimes things just does not seem to work out. Now that problem can be easily avoided with the use of Velcro hair rollers. Velcro hair rollers have been a part of female’s make up kit for a long time now. They are easy to use and require no heat thus leaving your hair damage free and beautiful.

Velcro hair rollers are used for helping your hair gain some additional volume and look fluffy.

People think that using such tools is a lot of mess but really it is not. Velcro hair rollers are the easiest to use. Follow the following step guide to make your hair more beautiful and bouncy in just 10 minutes with Velcro hair rollers.Bigger Hair
Free your hair naturally. If it’s dirty or dry or rough then also that is not a problem. Just brush your hair once to make them look normal and clean.

• Now take an alcohol free hair spray and spray it over your hair lightly just to give a misty look to it.

• Now it’s rolling time. Take the Velcro rollers and start rolling them one by one in your hair. They are good quality rollers so they will simply stay put in your hair till you want them to be. The smaller the roller the better curl you will get. The main aim is to get bouncy hair so you can mix up small and bigger curls altogether.

• Roll up all your rolls in your head and once you are done with it it’s time to grab hold of your hair dryer.

• Start your hair dryer and do your work. The heat helps the rollers to do their work properly. Heat it out for a few minutes. Then use some cool air to set your hair. If you have any time then let your rollers stay put till you complete your make up.

• Once the rollers are cooled down its time to take them off. Gently remove the rollers from hair. Spray some more hair spray for better volume.

• Once it’s all done you are ready with your bouncy and beautiful hair. Enjoy the look girl.
This simple trick can do wonders for you.

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