10 quick nail art ideas

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Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! When summer is arriving at the door step then this is what every girl screams out loud. Short dresses, sexy shoes, beautiful makeup and a perfect hair-do makes you all ready for your summer season. But oh wait, I think something is missing out. Oh yes! Nails! How can nails be forgotten?

Here are a few simple nail art ideas that make your look go waaowwww this summer.

1. Dotted nail art– The most simple and perfect nail do for any occasion is a dotted nail art. Take light nail paint and apply it on your fingers. Once it is all dried up take a dark shade and start making dots with a toothpick and apply it on your nail. You can do it vice-versa too.

2. Striped nail art– This is a pretty and extremely cute nail art. First apply a French manicure on your nails. Take bright colored nail paint and use it to make strips on your French manicure.

3. Mix and match nail art– As the name suggests, this nail art is one of the most funkiest and fun filled of all times. Mix and match two or more nail shades in accordance with the color of your outfit and make any nail art that you like.

4. French manicure- This is one of my personal favorites and is lovely to see. U will need white and transparent nail paint for this. Apply transparent nail paint as a base coat. Then take your white nail paint and apply it on the tips of the nails. Once they are dried up apply another coat of transparent nail paint and you’re ready to go.

5. Seasonal nail art- Different arts can be done for Halloween, valentines, Christmas and even new year. Keep the theme in mind and just try to be artistic. The seasonal nail arts are a treat to look at so do give it a shot.

6. Neon nail art- Take two bright colors and mix them up. Don’t make it too bright but just keep it different from others.

7. Christmas day- keep Christmas in paint your nails according. Use white, green and white for your nail art ideas.

8. Glitzy maroon nail art- Use maroon and gold together to create a perfect look for any festive season.

9. Pearl nail art- Buy pearls and stones from the stores and stick it on your nails for a perfect look.

10. Glittery nail art- Apply a base coat of transparent shade. Then put glitter on the tips and seal it with another top coat for a perfect look.

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