12 alive Recent Global Fashion Trends

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History repeats itself. So does fashion. Fashion in 2020 is largely being influenced by the ‘70s. As in the ‘70s, denim is back in a big way, with a bang. The popular styles of that era in shoes, lingerie, and accessories are back too, with some variations.

Let us list 12 recent fashion trends that are dominating the world today:

1)Denim: Pink, blue, yellow, orange, green-a wide range of colors being experimented with in denim. Cropped, torn denim jackets, dresses, and shorts are defining the fashion trends in the world. The flare jeans are back. High waist jeans and jeans with front yokes are trending as well. Upcycled denim with high sustenance too is being promoted by all leading brands.

2)Leather- Along with denim, leather too made a revival. Trench coats, tank tops and dresses made of leather in an array of colors have been brought in by the brands and these have captured the market even in the warm spring climate.

3)Satin: One of the fabrics that is gaining popularity in the fashion world in recent times is Satin. Satin evening attires, coats, trousers, jumpsuits, and even cargo pants are setting the trends globally. Satin looks intense in vibrant hues and brings in a whole of glamour in clothing.

4)Platform shoes: Platform heels of the ‘70s have made a comeback. Open-toe sandals, boots, and sneakers with platform heels are being paired with flare jeans and parallel pants, just as in the ‘70s. The differentiator is the shine that is getting added to these now.

5)Jungle prints: Cargo pants, jungle prints, safari jackets that marked the fashion trends in the ‘70s are becoming popular yet again. With these, the safari accessories like hat and cape are back too.

6)Lingerie tops and midi skirts: The lingerie tops that created waves in the ‘70s have revived in the fashion trends of 2020, along with midi skirts. The most popular ones have crochet and floral designs.

7)See-through fabric: Chiffon and organza are trending in a big way in both men’s and women’s fashion. Men’s wear in transparent fabric with big brand labels is making way to the cupboards of fashion-conscious men globally. Layered tee-shirts, camp shirts in pastel shades made of these see-through materials are the leading fashion trends of 2020.

8)Short-sleeved camp shirts: In men’s fashion, the summery camp shirts have held on to its popularity. Being cozy and comfortable, they have never been out of fashion. In 2020, they have made a special appearance with its liaison with pleated trousers and sandals.

9)The disco collar-The most smashing comeback has that been of disco collars. Broad disco collars on jackets, coats and party wear shirts are making waves. Contrasting collars have had an even greater impact on the fashionistas.

10)Crochet: Crochet is everywhere now- in evening wears, formals, on-street clothes, feminine, gypsy dresses, and so on. This low cost, sustainable fashion trend that has been around forever, is now leading the style-statements of 2020.

11)Shorts and hot pants-Shorts and hot pants are on a resurgence spree in 2020. Not only as sports outfits or street fashion, they are also making way as exquisite evening wear and all-purpose attires across the world. Ultra short shorts with long-sleeved tops are the favorite look of the season.

12)Neon hues: Bright, neon hues are the colors of the season. Fluorescent orange, yellow, green, pink, and blue are trending everywhere from catwalks to everyday fashion. These are being paired with neutral colors like black, white, and tan for the best results.

2020 has embraced the past with an overdose of glamour, shine, and hue. Parallelly, it has been experimenting with the lasting styles and trends. The leading brands have now geared up to make up for the initial sloth months that caused a setback to all industries worldwide. With all the denim, silk, satin, leather, crochet, the bra tops, safari clothes, mini shorts, the fashion industry is storming it up, slowly but steadily.

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