14 Fashionable Women Boots

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Footwear is the most important part of dressing up. It adorns the feet, yet goes a long way in creating an impression. There are plenty of styles and types of shoes in the world, but the queen of all shoes is the boot. It look royal, chic, trendy, exotic, classy according to how they are worn.


Boots can be teamed up with all kinds of outfits almost: drapes, denims, leggings, shorts, formals, informal clothes, short dresses, trousers, skirts, tunics, palazzos, harem pants, cargo pants, dungarees or whatever one chooses to put on. Whatever it may be worn with, boots look fabulous.


Boots take care of feet.

They cover them up completely, protecting them from pollution, dirt, rains, and germs. They are the most comfortable of all footwear. Easy to wear and maintain, boots are extremely popular with women residing in various corners of the world.

Let us have a look at 14 kinds that are available in the markets – their name, features, and how they are incorporated in fashion:


Chelsea boots: The classical, low heeled that virtually go well with any attire. They are extremely comfortable. One can walk miles in these. With flat, short, block heels these can even be worn during pregnancy.


Booties: These are with moderate heels. They pair wonderfully with long draping attires short dresses, shorts, torn jeans, and skirts. Booties are the chicest ones and every fashionable woman must have a pair of booties in their collection.


Thigh-high boots: This could be a little tricky and tough to carry, especially in hot and humid weather. However, they look super cool when worn with short outfits. The dress has to be above the thighs for these to make the best impact on beholders.


Combat boots: They have laces and rise till the cuffs. They go best with denim trousers and denim jackets. They give a rugged but sensuous appearance. They could be a little difficult to wear as one has to deal with so many of laces, but once worn, they would make the ladies stand out.


Peep-toe boots: They rise a little above the ankles, narrow at the toe, might have a zip on one side, and look brilliantly smart. They have average heels and can complement any kind of outfit. They are available in a wide range of colors and are probably the most popular kind of boots. All stylish women possess them.


Wedge boots: They have angular, flat heels and short laces. These are smart too. They would look best with leggings and denim. They are cozy and easy to wear. One can walk around the whole day in them without a hassle.


Stacked heels boots: This is another variation of high heeled. The heels are narrow and resemble a stack of bricks. These rise about 4 or five inches above the ankles. They can give leggings, tight fit clothes, denims as well as long dresses different dimensions completely.


Uggs: These are the Santa boots. They are worn in cold places and they team up with warm clothes, woolens, coats, overcoats, jackets with hoods, gloves, and the like. They look fantastic on teenage girls.


Knee-high boots: They are knee-high, trendy, narrow fit, and usually possess block heels. These could be coupled up with any attire worn above the knees. Knee-length dresses, skirts and short pants are the best match.


Riding boots: They are calf- high, designed with smart buckles. These look sporty, fashionable and create a great combination with high waist trousers, 6 pockets, and torn or faded jeans. Adventurous girls would look great in riding boots as these would perfectly reflect their personality.


Oxford boots: These resemble men’s boot and have a classical look. They are flat, have laces, and pair up best with formal attires. Working women can style with them together with formal shirts, trousers, and dresses.


Lace up boots: They are calf/knee-high and have laces all along. They have short, flat or block heels and go well with party wears, short skirts and shorts. They would not qualify as every-day wear shoes but they look gorgeous when worn at parties, get-togethers, and on dance floors.


Cowboy boots: They have a torn-leather look, an average height, flat heels, and might have self motifs designed on its surface. They must be combined with short pants, torn jeans, corduroys, shirts with pockets, or buttoned dresses. These look great when worn during sports or expeditions.


Wedge Sneaker boots: They are as comfortable as sneakers and have the classy appearance as well. They are the new age ones, steadily becoming the most preferred kind. Super comfy, super smart, and super sporty- that’s what they are. They combine great with jerseys, tee-shirts, informal wears, denim shorts, and bermuda shorts. One can run in them, dance, or even climb with utmost ease.


There is a wide range of options to choose from. Boots are favorite to the fashionista. They must occupy all fashion-minded women’s wardrobes and worn with confidence and pride on any occasion!


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