2013: Interior Design Trends

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Interior designing is the most creative aspect of creating the inside of your home. Interior design reflects the times we live in and is influenced by the various factors that affect our lives. The fact about interior design is that the world of design is always evolving and changing. The trends this year are inspired by fashion runways with prominently bold colors and graphics. interior design Trends: Individuality: One of the trends we are likely to see in 2013 is the expression of personalized style preferences. “This is my home and I will decorate it the way I want” is a trend and these creative people set a trend to all their friends and family. Stripes: One of the modern interior design trends we have seen in 2013 is of stripes being used in the home decor. Carpets, upholstery, wallpapers and graphic art are used to define vibrant stripes. Bold patterns in black and white or bold red are the highlight of the design themes used to make things stand out and give an effect of visual harmony. But use it sparingly so that the end result is vibrant and pleasing and not chaotic or loud. Nature and Environment: Green Living is a key factor in design and architecture this year. This approach is not only healthy but also original and elegant. The advantages of having green walls or garden rooftop can be clean air to breathe and will be appreciated by your visitors for this unique idea of Interior Decoration. Pattern and Print: Floral pattern or flower prints are back in fashion this year with a difference of having them on a white background. This will give a very romantic touch and make a strong statement to a room. Combining floral patterns into a room by using neutral colors can make the room warm and homely. You can try new colors, fabric covers, wall paintings and wall papers as long as the result is appealing. African Art: In interior design one of the top influences is the African touch which is exotic. In 2013 a major trend is warm colors and animal skin imitations. You will find luxury villas across the world with carved wooden furniture, sculptures and handmade decoration all defined by the African style. The great aspect of African influence in your home adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your room. This can be done with rich shades of gold, brown, cream, black and white as they are the colors used in African art.

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