2013’s Favorite Fashion Trends

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We begin a new fashion year with all the excitement of the latest trends in the world of fashion. The year 2013 that has just gone by, has been a fabulous year for the fashion industry and many new trends became really popular throughout the year in 2013. The following is a look at 2013’s favorite fashion trends that were followed by many celebrities and fashionable women from all over the world. 2013’s Favorite Fashion Trends: •    80’s Fashion: 2013 saw a comeback of the 80’s fashion styles in a big way. Prominent 80’s styles that were back in fashion were Neon colors, leather jackets especially black leather jackets and crop tops. In the spring summer month’s people were wearing bold neon colors in clothing, accessories and even in footwear. The color of neon pink was especially very popular and many people were seen wearing this color. Neon colored jeans also made the list of popular neon items to wear in 2013. •    Black leather jackets were very popular but also black leather as a material was popular. Celebrities were seen carrying black leather bags and chic black leather skirts were also very popular in 2013. Black leather boots is another fashion that involves leather and was very “in” the last year as many women made their outfits from leather look super fabulous. •    The other 80’s fashion that became really popular was crop tops. These were worn on skirts, jeans and even as a part of a dress by many celebrities as well as fashion conscious women all over the world. •    Another trend that became very popular was white and black colors. Many women were seen wearing white outfits and black outfits and many times outfits with both black and white colors in it. •    Slogan T-shirts were another favorite in 2013. Trendy t-shirts with funny and witty saying were worn by the young crowd in 2013. •    Trendy sunglasses which were trendy in the past decades in different vibrant colors also made a comeback in 2013. The sunglasses with jewel encrusted frames also became popular with the celebrities and also fashion forward women. •    The 1920s fashion was also popular because of the famous movie Gatzby which became famous this year. This was a recurring theme at many parties across the world this year. Many women added 1920’s inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories to their outfits in 2013. Overall 2013 was a fabulous and creative year for women when it came to fashion.

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