5 Best make up tips for dusky complexion

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Many girls are under the wrong impression that makeup is only for fair people. Makeup is for everybody. No matter what your complexion is but you can rock any occasion with the use of just a little makeup. There are many styling tips for girls with dusky complexion who love and adore makeup.

Here are a few makeup tips for people with dusky complexion.


1. Cleansing and moisturizing– Cleansing and moisturizing are the initial steps of any makeup. Moisturizing is very important for every skin type. It helps to soak in all the dryness and give you a well balanced and nourished skin. In case of people having dusky skin, moisturizing is an absolute necessity because without moisturizing your skin can look cracked and harsh.

2. Foundation- Foundation is equally important for people with dark skin tone as it is important for people with lighter skin tone. It is extremely important that you choose the right shade of foundation because wrong or lighter shade can make you look extremely whitish which would look really bad. To identify your right shade, you should apply of the foundation on your forehead for correct color identification.

3. Eye makeup– If you are fond of eye makeup and have a dark skin tone then worry not because we have makeup ideas for you too. Smokey eyes can look mesmerizing on you as it will blend in with your shade and look stunning. Make sure that blend all colors properly. You have the liberty to experiment as much as you feel like with your smoky eye makeup. Other than smoky eyes you use dark eye shades for better look.

4. Lipstick check- Lipstick is important for everybody irrespective of their skin tone. Choosing a lip shade for dark skin tones can be a huge task but we are here to help. You should use chocolate, nude, plum pink or burgundy as these are your safest bets. Stay away from glossy shades.

5. Compact- If you are the sweaty kind then you do need a compact or face powder. Make sure that you choose a compact that blends perfectly in your skin because compact should be a complete no show.

Dark skin tone people are beautiful and they should feel that way. Just a bit of makeup can help you feel confident and lovely. Be careful with your color tones and brands to avoid any pimples or acne.


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