5 Classic Prints That Are Always in Style

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Fashion is a dynamic dimension which changes every now and then. Sometimes it becomes tough to coordinate with the changing platform and renovate your wardrobe. Designs and colors get older vey easily. Not all types of clothes can be adored as a proud vintage collection. The only way to cope up with the changing world is to be the owner of a timeless closet that makes your style statement bold in the society.

Prints that never gets old
You an act smarter by changing the contents of your closet in to a collection of timeless attires that never gets old. The same case stands for the prints. The list below is the suggestion of 5 prints that hold their charisma over time.

1. Polka dots
The dots are raging the market since its dawn in the fashion world. The pattern so soothingly matches almost all personalities that it cannot be extinct so easily. The classic print comes in various color combinations, not necessarily in white and black. In fact it can be a top as well as bottom wear that goes with a lot of contemporary options.

2. Stripes
Stripes are evergreen. Due to their popularity they have become a part and parcel of every closet. They can be horizontal, vertical, thick or thin. The pattern comes in variety of colors and matches almost any outfit. The versatile print matches a wide range of personality without any stress.

3. Animal instinct
This suggestion might seem a little quirky as it does not match everyone’s taste. But as the list is for evergreen prints, animal prints catch eyes very fast and never gets old provided your choice is bold and beautiful. Do not make a bland decision while choosing animal patterns for accessories too.

4. Plaid
This print comes and goes like a merry-go-round. The old print never gets old and you can find geniuses who save the clothes in their closet to take them out when the time is right. It suits both the genders and provides a retro look.

5. Floral
This feminine print cannot be deleted easily from the wardrobes. Flowers are all time favorite for the ladies. And so is the print. The designs have soothing colors and are mostly adored in the summer time. This print can go for any type of wear.
These prints are classic and never going to be old. Staple them in your closet and flaunt them from time to time.


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