5 Top hairstyles for prom night

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Prom night is undoubtedly the most memorable and important night for every high school girl. Girls try their level best to make everything just perfect for that night. The dress, the makeup, the shoes, the date and obviously the hair all adds up and needs to be just right.

Many girls spend a lot of their valuable pocket money on getting their hair done. Well, that is not required any more.

Here are a few top hairstyles for prom night, easy hairdo which are fun to do and amazing to look at.

Top Hairstyles

1. Side pony– Side pony has become a great hit among high school girls this year. This style is funky to look at but still gives you the grace the compliments your dress. If you have some part of your hair colored then this could be just the hair-do for you. It’s easy and simple.

2. Elegant sock bun- This prom night hair-do has been in existence for a long time now and is the safest bet of every high school girl. It is one of the simplest yet elegant hair-do that compliments a beautiful gown with right hair accessories. The lengthier you hair is, the more beautiful and heavy the bun will look.

3. Soft wave stunner- This style has been a super hit for every girl with all sorts of hair. This is a safe bet for those who don’t want to put it in a lot of efforts in their hair styling. The pretty wavy curls on your hair can be the show stopper of the evening with the right dress and the right accessories.

4. Messy bun- There are many high school girls who don’t really believe in the idea of a Cinderella themed prom night. They like to keep things cool and funky and if that’s you then this is the style for you. Curl your hair into some loose curls and with the help of a few bobby pins tuck them in the form of a beautiful bun. The messy look takes it to a whole other level.

5. Pinned curly- This is a beautiful and striking hair-do which will make sure that your hair is tied up nicely and curly at the back and is out of your way the entire night. Curls at the back make it even better.


Prom night is special and don’t just let it be spoiled due to bad hair-do. Try these styles and find your right prom look.

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