60’s Fashion Making a Comeback in 2014

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We have a very stylish history in fashion. The decades have been kind to fashion with each decade in the 1900’s displaying a distinct fashion style that was followed by millions of women from all over the world. Even today these fashions are inventing themselves and some of them are becoming totally stylish in 2014. Retro looks usually get a glam 2014 makeover and look hot during the modern times. One such fashion is the fashion style of the 1960’s which are getting very popular today. The following are some fashion trends of the 1960’s that are making a comeback in 2014: Stylish 1960’s Fashions in 2014 •    The stylish shift dress from the 60’s is very cool in 2014. Thigh length dresses with long sleeves and high necks are totally 60’s style are very trendy today. The mini dress that was popular in the 60’s is an ideal fashion in 2014. •    Space-Age chic fashion is very popular in 2014 which originally became trendy in 2014.This cool influence is seen in many clothing and accessory styles in Fall this year. •    Geometrical patterns and color blocking are two patterns that go really well with the 60’s style shift dress. The color blocking fashion is perfect for the Fall as bright colors of the summer get a darker makeover and are paired with colors like black following the color blocking trend. Horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes are perfect 60’s style fashions that are popular in 2014. •    The Go-Go boots of the 1960’s have got the perfect 2014 makeover and are very trendy in the Fall season as they match the trend and weather needs of Fall 2014. •    Another 1960’s fashion style in 2014 is animal prints especially leopard print fashions. This fashion is popular in pants, tops, and dresses and even in shoes and coats. Wear one piece of clothing with this style and then the rest of the items in the outfit should be plainer or else it might look overly dressed. •    Even the swimwear from that era is popular this year. The polka dots, the high waist bikini that were popular in the early years of the 1960’s have been reinvented with edgier designs to make them stylish in 2014. •    Knitted wear which was very stylish in the 1960’s is also an ideal fashion for Fall 2014.  This fashion is very versatile and can be worn in tops, sweaters and dresses in a stylish way.

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