7 reasons why girls should wear red lipstick

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Lips play a very important role for a woman when makeup is considered. Lipsticks have become a very important part of every woman’s everyday makeup routine. There are many numbers which could amaze you and fascinate you as well. Out of all, red lip shade has been hyping up in the fashion industry for decades now and is still the king of all other shades.

Red lipstick is loved by all and there are a number of reasons to wear it.

Here are a few of them.Red Lipstick

1. Makes your teeth whiter- I am sure that many of you won’t believe that but it is a fact. One of the reasons why girls love red lipstick is because it has the ability to make your teeth look whiter. This helps in making you more confident about yourself.

2. Party time- Red lipsticks rock every occasion but when there is a party it’s a must. Ethnic occasions like a marriage or a sangeet ceremony requires some extra pop of fun and your lipstick can do that for.

3. Fun all the time- Admit it that wearing a red lipstick is fun all the time. Whenever you wear a red lipstick it gives a lot of pop of fun and makes you feel better already.

4. Boosts your confidence- Girls tend be conscious about their looks and makeup and that why they dab on more and more makeup which doesn’t work out well for them. All they need is a dark or bright red shade of lipstick to complete their look without actually dabbing on proper makeup.

5. Because you like it- There are no reasons required to put on makeup and definitely no reasons required to wear your favorite lip shades. You should wear red lipstick whenever you feel like doing it and never let anybody tell you that it isn’t your cup of tea.

6. Its different- Girls usually tend to wear nudes and pink lip shades in their every day routine. Sometime you get bored of it and want something new and that is when funky red comes to rescue. You could wear your red lipstick and enjoy it throughout the day.


Red lipsticks can be fun and tricky at the same time. It all depends on how you wear it and how you want it to work for you because red lipsticks are a sign of classy and sexy and innocence as well.

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