7 Tips To Create Your Own Style

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Tips to Create Your Own Style

Many people think that to look stylish one needs to have a fat bank balance, to be able to wave one’s credit card in the high street mall and emerge looking like a film star. Not so. Not every stylish person is stinking rich. What they are rich in is having genuine style sense.

Of-course being able to buy expensive clothes and those shoes you’ve had your eyes on can give you a high but being able to create style out of clothes which are within our means can give us another kind of high – the high that comes from creativity. It can boost our ego too when the compliments start to pour in.

Not everyone is creative you see. Many girls and women are not confident about their own sartorial sense and rely only on branded stuff which they ‘think’ makes them look good. But it is only the clothes that look good sometimes not the real you.

To look amazingly cool and be able to create a fashionable look which is truly yours try these tips to create your own style :

1. Shop around. Visit the local bazaars. You will be amazed at some of the stuff that can be found there at throwaway prices.

Shopping in bazaar

You can hunt for some awesome materials and have them stitched to your liking. That is what fashion designers do. Expensive looking clothes are oft times made from materials obtained from the cheapest sources like village craftsmen and the flea market. Use your creative skills to convert a piece into an amazing outfit.

2. If designing your own clothes isn’t for you and you would rather wear ready made clothes do not despair. Hunt for clothes just about anywhere. Don’t be afraid to shop at your local market or lane bazaar. You can also shop at the less expensive shops in the mall and come out carrying stuff which you know will look great on you.

3. Look after the clothes that look good on you and wear them often. Discard something if it makes you look ungainly or is ugly in itself. There is no point in wearing something just to wear it out because you have spent good money on it. Loss of money is better than a loss of style.

4. Make ordinary things look good by adding just one element of glamour. A simple black blouse with a trendy brooch that draws attention to itself, or a shining necklace will do the trick.


Again wearing a simple blouse with a style like tying up the ends or leaving one button open or tying a scarf around the collar would be cool. Statement earrings with an ordinary outfit and you got style.

5. Don’t overdo your make-up or your style statement. Less is better. For instance, instead of opting for a blingy outfit for a wedding you could opt for a soft coloured sophisticated outfit. You could wear sneakers to a party. You could leave your hair straight instead of styling it for an occasion.

6. Remember that it’s not the branded stuff that can make you look cool. Rely on your own personality, attitude and character to look good. Don’t wear anything that isn’t “you”.

7. Don’t be a slave to the latest trends if they do not flatter you. Instead twist the trend to your own style.

So girls and women. Be true to yourself and become truly stylish. Be inspired to look good in your own way and create your very own style. Don’t be surprised when heads begin to turn when you pass by.

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