7 Tricks and Makeup tips for beginners

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I know many people who think that makeup is only for experts. Well that is partially true and partially false. I agree that makeup is for experts but not only for them. These experts were also beginners at some point of time. Everybody can learn the basics of makeup and the keep on trying and practicing till they become perfect.

Here are a few basic makeup tips for beginners who like makeup.

Makeup Tricks

1. Clean up- Start from the beginning. Wash your face nicely with a face wash and pat it dry. Now apply a moisturizer to moisturize and nourish your skin and get it all ready for makeup.

2. Apply base coat- once your skin is nourished, it’s time for some action. Take a nice and light base or foundation according to your skin tone. Apply a few drops on your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead and blend it with a foundation brush or your fingers for complete coverage.

3. Conceal it- Now take a concealer and apply a few drops under your eyes to get rid of those dark circles for some time. Blend it inwards properly for better coverage. This will make you look brighter and fairer.

4. Face powder it- face powder is used to settle down the makeup and we will do the same. Take your face powder and apply it in a blending manner so that it would settle down all the makeup in your skin.

5. Eye makeup is important– Once you are done with the face, move towards eyes. Eye makeup is very important. Take an eye shadow of your choice and apply it evenly. Once it’s done, apply eyeliner to define your eyes and make them look prettier. Now to complete the eye makeup, use mascara.

6. Cheeky glow- Cheeky glow is very important for which blush on does the trick. Use a blush on according to your skin tone for good effects and cute look. Use it on your cheek bones.

7. Lipstick- Lipstick is the final stage of the makeup. It makes a lot of difference so choose your shades wisely. Lipstick is worn to nourish the lips and protect them from UV rays and even to look stylish so be sure with your lip shades.


Makeup is an art which can be acquired by anybody. All you need is some knowledge, guidance and right tools for completing the task. Follow these makeup tips for beginners.

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