8 Brilliant Saree Draping Styles

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Saree is one of the oldest forms of attire. Its usage can be traced back to Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1300 BC). Stitching cloth was considered to be inauspicious by the Hindus, hence they preferred cladding women with single unstitched pieces of cloth, the first kinds of saree. This garment has a long, long history and has evolved with time. It is worn mostly in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. However, it has even influenced the global fashion world for years.

Saree is one of the most graceful outfits on the globe and it has more than 80 varieties. There are numerous ways of styling it too. It can be worn in various classical and contemporary ways. Listed below are 10 brilliant saree draping styles that would make women look gorgeous, trendy extremely fashionable:

1)Blouse: The most popular way of wearing a saree is with a blouse. This has almost become a tradition. The 6 yards of cloth looks wonderful with a contrasted or matching blouse. You may bring in a variety by going for different designer blouses. Play with the sleeves, the neckline, the length and try using laces, buttons and other accessories on the blouse.

2)Front Pallu: The upper end of a saree is called the pallu. The common practice is to wrap the pallu around the waist and let it loose on the back over the shoulder. However, wearing the pallu in the front is again quite a popular style. You may pleat the pallu and hang it on one side. You may pleat it and tuck one end of the pallu in the waist and let the other end hang free.

2)Pallu like dupatta: Wrap the pallu around the neck like a dupatta, dropping it in the front or the back. You may wear it with a long-fit blouse or top. This is a classical, yet unconventional style. Ladies who wish to look taller may choose to drape it this way.

3) Crop top/Spaghetti top: Crop or spaghetti tops worn in place of a blouse would make a wonderful fusion with the saree. If it has prints or designs, choose solid colored tops, and if it has a single color, wear printed tops. Tops with haltered neck look extremely trendy. Crop top and saree worn with dangler earrings are a lucrative combination.

4) Short/ denim jackets: Short length denim jackets on top of a saree look extremely smart. The sleeves could be long or short. Keep the buttons open so the pallu can be seen. Folding the sleeves up till elbows would be even smarter. Keep the hair open and use minimal ornaments with this look. Make the eyes prominent with liner, eye shadows, and kohl. Put on high heels, and you are sorted.

5)Belts: Wearing stylish belts over a saree is an amazing idea. Ideally, if you wear a belt, wear the pallu on the back so that it does not hide the waistband. Ornamented, designer belts would suit this style more than the typical leather ones. Avoid wearing long neckpieces if you are adorning yourself with a belt along with the saree.

6)Leggings: An innovative technique that has evolved lately, is wearing the saree on top of leggings rather than the traditional petticoats. Wrap it on one side and let the leggings be seen on the other. Keep the pleats in the middle and drop the pallu on the back. Solid and dark-colored leggings are the best choice. Refrain from wearing a color that matches your skin tone. Wear this with high heels, stilettos, covered shoes, or even boots. The fusion would be hard to miss.

7)No pallu: You may give up pallu and wear the saree like a lehenga, but with the pleats. Use the whole 6 yards in pleating and team it up with a top or t-shirt without collars. Solid colored tops/t-shirt would again be the best thing to choose. Quarter sleeved, tight-fit, and black/darker shades of blue, green, brown, grey, purple tops above a pleated saree with no pallu would give you an extremely eye-catching appearance.

8)Double wrap: Movies in the ’60s-’70s depicted a chic saree fashion. It was wrapped twice in the lower part and a short pallu was worn at the back. Start wearing it in the traditional manner,  wrapping it around with pleats in the middle, then wrap it again halfway over the pleats and then hang the pallu in the usual way. This trend is back with a bang and has created a lot of waves in the fashion world recently.

Ladies who have grown a little bored wearing conventional sarees may try these 8 brilliant saree draping styles.

They will rock the saree like a pro. Whether they wear it at parties, weddings, family occasions, or on a date, the 6 yards worn such stylishly would certainly steal the show.

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