Absolutely Dazzling Bridal Fashions

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Bride has to look absolutely stunning on her wedding day. She has to be fashionable, elegant and trendy on her special day. Every year there are various new bridal fashions that become very popular. This includes fashions of the dress, accessories, jewelry, flowers and shoes. The entire bridal ensemble has to be perfectly planned so that the overall look is fantastic. This year also there are some dazzling fashions that are trending and are perfect to help make a bride feel very beautiful and elegant yet trendy. The following are some of the bridal fashions of 2014:Bridle Fashion Dazzling Bridal Fashions: •    The most popular stylish trend in bridal wear is lace. Not just on sleeves or at the neckline, today lace is in vogue for the entire dress. Lacey dresses can be short cocktail dresses or traditional full length gowns, all types are very much in fashion and are worn by celebrities and also by regular brides. •    To make the bridal dress really stunning a great addition to many bridal white dresses is elements of gold in the design. This is an elegant and stylish look as white and gold is the perfect combination to make the bridal look dazzle. •    Women this year are sticking to the traditional princess neckline. It looks very feminine and is a perfect look for the bridal ensemble this year. •    Pearls, Crystals and Diamonds are in vogue when it comes to jewelry. Delicate jewelry is in fashion yet it should be very visible in the bridal look. Tiaras, headbands, chandelier earrings are ideal choice in bridal jewelry. •    One shoulder wedding dresses make the bride look trendy and cool, yet elegant at the same time. Whether it is a cocktail dress for the wedding or it is a formal gown, one shoulder dress also makes the bride look very pretty. •    Wearing a veil is a tradition followed by brides for centuries. Bridal veil is a great idea to make the bride look traditional yet royal in 2014. Brides are opting for long veils to give a dramatic effect to the bridal look. •    Another good choice for a wedding to make it look more dramatic and dazzling is a flowing bridal bouquet of beautiful flowers. Women are using pastel colored flowers in the bouquets to make them look prominent and trendy. Bridal wear is a deeply personal choice but the above mentioned fashions in 2014 can make a bride look dazzling yet super stylish on her wedding day.

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