Add a Shimmer to Nail Paints this Fashion Season

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Nail paint is an essential part of the overall look for a woman. Having a lovely manicure done on the nails will lift the entire outfit or portray a look that one is trying to achieve. Nail paint has been a favorite for teenage girls as well as women of all ages for decades now. Bare nails suggest a very incomplete look and nails have to be well manicured to look stylish and chic. Every season nail paint fashions and trends keep changing. Nail art became really popular in the last two-three years and is still very trendy even today. But there is a new fashion that is slowly catching up and that is shimmer nail paints for the nails. This fashion can be worn on the nails in various ways. The following are some of the ways in which shimmer nail paints can be used for a great trendy nail paint look:Nail Paint How to Add Shimmer to Nail Paints: •    Ombre nails is a top fashion these days. Even more trendy fashion is ombre nails with shine and shimmer. Take a color of your choice and create the ombre nails look from darkest shade of the color to the lightest shade. Then take transparent nail paint with glitter and apply a coat of it after the ombre look has dried up well. This looks fabulous on nails. •    Nowadays some top nail paint brands have introduced a stylish line of nail paints with glitter in them. This shiny nail paint choice is a great idea to lift up the ensemble and make even casual outfits look really stylish. •    Transparent nail paints with multi-colored glitter are highly fashionable and they look very cute. They are a great idea for a day event as nails look manicured without nail paint being over the top. •    Generally darker colored nail paints with shimmer and glitter look really amazing for evening parties or a night out with friends. It is a great choice for party wear for going to a nightclub. •    Lighter shades look good for casual brunches and meeting friends during the day. Even if it is a day event, adding shimmer and glitter to the nails makes you stand out. •    Shimmer and glitter are perfect choices to use in various nail art designs and are very popular with nail artists. Nail paint completes the overall look of the outfit and shimmer adds to a great dramatic detail for the nails.

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