All about Glamorous Bling Fashion

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Fashion Trends keep evolving and at times we have seen fashions from previous decades come back into style. Whatever is popular at the moment tends to look good even if we would have not liked being caught wearing it a couple of years ago when the trend was out of fashion. This year the trend is to be bold. That is bold makeup, bold clothes with bright colors and bold accessories. One of the sub trends of all this is sparkle and shimmer which has become very popular with the girls and women from all over the world.Cosmetics accessories Clothes Sparkly embellishments and shimmery sequin work is very common in today’s clothing. The trick is not to overdo the sparkle or it can be a fashion disaster. In this trend the style is to wear regular clothes and a shimmery clothes item in the ensemble. For example a shimmery top with a regular pant or shorts is perfect with high heels. Or the opposite like wearing a shimmery skirt with a regular blouse also looks very good and it follows this trend. A dress that has some sparkly embellishments with a fantastic design and color works wonders and it is keeping with the trend. Another cool bling clothes trend is shimmery jackets or now in fall/winter sweaters with a little shimmer on them. Sparkly jacket buttons are also very popular on jackets this season. Accessories & ShoesSparkly heels Wearing a regular clothing ensemble without any shimmer or sparkle and then jazzing it up with sparkly heels or great bling accessories is a great idea. Silver Sparkly heels look really great with a fabulous party ensemble and different types of heels with shimmery embellishment are the trend of the season. These types of shoes brighten the entire ensemble so you do not need to wear more bling and keep the outfit that is the accessories and clothing simple.  Belts, sparkly jewelry and bags with shimmery embellishments are another great way to follow this fashion. Sparkly belts just lift an outfit whether it is a high waist belt on a dress or a regular belt for skirts and trousers. Chunky jewelry that sparkles and stands out is very popular so buying this type of costume jewelry and wearing it with different outfits is a great idea. So in this year’s bold fashion season, follow bling fashion that is very popular and is followed by fashion followers and trendsetters all over the world.

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