Animal Prints – A Major Fashion Trend

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Animal prints appear in all seasons and have been around for a long time via clothing and accessories. It has been reinvented by designers and worn as new trends all over the world. Regardless of the season or weather, this style statement has never really gone out of fashion in this industry. The animal print actually remains in fashion because it is easy to create bold statement or a more daring look.  There are some who are not comfortable wearing animal prints, they should go for an accessory like shoes or bags with animal prints that will go with the trend and look stylish for them. Popular animal prints like leopard and cheetah prints are classy to wear but one must wear them correctly to look sexy and classy. If they are not worn properly or worn from top to toe or not designed with style you may give an altogether tacky impression. Some tips to follow with animal prints: To wear animal print and look elegant you must ensure that the clothing is not too revealing and also do not wear them with hot pants or revealing tops. If a splash of animal print is worn on a blouse or a top, make sure the rest of the outfit is plain in black, white or red in color. One of the advantages for wearing animal prints is it draws attention from the problem areas of the figure. Even a simple animal print belt can enhance a tiny waist and an animal printed scarf can draw attention to the face. These tips can play around to make you look attractive and explore what suits every woman. A pair of animal prints shoes are always eye catching and a leopard print handbag is a sure winner along with a plain and simple outfit. Anywhere you go animal prints create attention so you have to get it perfect. In this trend less is to be followed to make you look sophisticated and not wild. Celebrities spotted with Animal Prints: Animal prints are featured everywhere with celebrities rocking the trend. Very famous celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine , Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Fergie and super model Miranda Kerr were spotted wearing different leopard, snakeskin, Zebra and Cheetah print outfits. This is how animal prints can be flattering for anyone and can really look great. So go ahead with this fashion trend to make a special style statement with animal prints.

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