Are high heels going out of fashion?

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Vanity in choice of fashion is giving way to comfort it seems. Nobody wants to suffer for fashion any more. It seems that simple comfort is dictating the move away from heels.

Women say that more and more of their numbers are opting to wear flats to office. It makes walking, running, just moving around so much easier.

We girls have always loved our high heels haven’t we? 

We have enjoyed the surprised looks and comments that we got whenever we wore our favourite fashion statement. “How do you walk in those? Aren’t you uncomfortable?” It’s been kind of amusing for us because the sight of a five inch stiletto can be a daunting sight for those who are not used to wearing heels.High Heel

Notwithstanding all these raised eye-brows and comments, we have not been deterred from putting our feet into our pow-wow shoes and feeling powerful in the bargain. High heels have corrected both our postures and our attitudes, in short made a positive impact in our lives.

But sadly, though quite understandably, now it seems that function, not fashion is coming into play. What with Victoria Beckham stating, “I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working,” and coming to office in baggy pants and sandals (goodness gracious me!) more and more women are throwing off their heels in favour of trainers and flats.

Not that fashion will not follow there too. Gym shoes, runners, walkers, trainers whatever fancy names you might want to call them, are coming out in such creative designs and attractive colours that women are flocking to buy them. Sportswear brands are really pushing sports clothing and footwear aimed at women. The leisurewear trend that is growing is driven by increasing interest in health and wellbeing. It’s here to stay it seems.

Women say that they don’t want to just sit around and look beautiful (fashion traitors!) and high heels pinch, cause blisters and are uncomfortable. They want to be relaxed and comfortable so women of all ages are going in for flats, sandals and trainers.

Flats have even been on the catwalk ramp. Leisure wear is being increasingly used as fashion wear, so it is natural that trainers are going to be the next big trend in footwear. Yes, we have to admit that they are practical. So what is going to be the next big thing? Flip-flops?

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