Back to School Fashions – Fall 2014

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In the Fall season the mood is of starting a new year in school and heading back to your student life after a fun summer. Just because summer is over that does not mean that you cannot bring fun and fashion to your wardrobe. Every year there are some back to school fashions that are very popular among the youth. This Fall too there are some fashions that are amazingly stylish in this type of fashion. The following are some of the back to school fashions of 2014:School Fashions Back to School Fashions – 2014 • Clothes with funky prints are very much in fashion. These prints include lips, stars, specs and other cool prints. These designs are also popular in multi-colored patterns and there is a trend of vibrant prints on darker backgrounds. • The 90’s fashion style is very much back in vogue this year. The 90’s school fashions have been given an edgy and fun makeover in 2014 and are very much trending this year. • According to the 90’s fashion trend, plaid is very stylish as a back to school fashion this year. These prints are seen in dresses, skirts; lose shirts and other types of clothing. A mini skirt with plaid print is classically fashionable when it comes to back to school fashions. • Another major fashion from the 90’s that is very cool this year is leggings. Stylish leggings with plaid, bold prints or even with plain bold colors look really cool this year. • Floral prints and designs of the summer become more edgy in the Fall. So wearing vibrant floral prints with darker backgrounds is a great idea. • Another color trend of the back to school fashions is pastels. Pastels paired with white look amazing in the fall season. It looks energetic and youthful and is perfect as a back to school fashion color choice. • Sporty fashions are very popular among the youth. Wearing a jersey or a jacket of the team you are supporting for the season is cool and trendy. • Denim is very much in fashion this year. It’s a smart choice as a back to school fashion. Wearing denim shirts, denim jeans, denim skirts and even denim dress is very trendy. Try different shades of blue denim as it will make you look totally chic and stylish. • Knee length skirts are also in fashion. This includes fitted skirts, flirty flared skirts and shimmery shiny skirts. After summer, these back to school fashions add an element of coolness in going back to school.

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