Bags Galore

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It seems that women cannot have enough of handbags. Women normally have to carry a million things with them when they go out. It’s not just make-up, car or house keys, but shopping lists, reminders, the baby’s teether and what not.

A woman necessarily has to carry a purse or a bag with her that allows her to carry all the items she may or may not need while she is out. Not that she minds. 

Purses and bags are part of her daily ensemble today and stylish purses or bags definitely catch her eye when she goes shopping.

The styles in handbags, purses, totes too keep changing to keep up with changing tastes of women.Bags Galore

Women often have a variety of handbags in their closet. One could be to go shopping with and have a number of sections. Another could be a glittery clutch which acts as an accessory to a glamorous outfit for a glitzy night out. One thing is certain though. It must match the outfits worn in both colour and stature.

Every year designers showcase styles in bags and purses which then become popular with fashionable women all over the world. A chic and cool bag or purse adds a certain something to the overall look of a well dressed woman.

They are available in a riot of colours now pandering to individual tastes and style. When wearing a dark outfit a bright color stylish purse or bag looks awesome. The colour brightens and enhances the entire look. Make sure that the color of the bag or the purse you choose matches the outfit or contrasts perfectly. For instance a red bag with a black outfit looks stunning.

Metallic patterns, embellishments and chains are very popular in bags and purses. Colors like metallic black, silver, blue and gold are hot picks.

A recent major trend is the backpack especially for the teen crowd. Cute backpacks have been in fashion for a while and here to stay for practical reasons. This trend is popular in colourful designs as well as in the classic black backpack style. Leather is a great fabric for a backpack and canvas backpacks are also super stylish and of great designs.

Stylish clutches are always in fashion. Plain, multicoloured, golden, silver, with beads or other ornaments as embellishments, made of suede, leather, or metal, clutches in various forms are popular as take alongs to parties.

Bags with jokes or funny prints are also very trendy. Also with cool statements and words on them are in vogue this year.

Floral prints, leopard’s prints, animal inspired designs and plain multi-colored prints are also very cool. The tote, the clutch, the satchel, the classic handbag and the hobo bag all remain popular and are used by many women if diverse tastes.

Leather remains the most popular choice for bags for it’s sturdiness, looks and durability however false leather, suede, canvas, velvet and silk are also trendy as fabric for bags.

Bags and purses are an essential part of the ensemble. Carrying the wrong type of bag or purse or a type that is out of fashion will make the entire outfit look outdated so keep changing your bags every year to remain in tune with the times.

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