Bang Bang your Style

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lady in greyhair cut One of the most anticipated hair style trends in 2013 is Bangs. It is the quickest way to get a makeover and even kill few years off your age. Needless to mention that when Bangs comes to the likes of Michelle Obama, Alexa Chungs, Emma Watson, Christina Ricci, Elisabeth Moss and many more, it is sure to be a hot trend. Bangs are a hot style and its fun at the sight of it. I might categorise it is the Chic-Style kind of look, something that is mischievous and yet classic. When the A-listers displayed the daring act of flaunting super looking Bangs, I was tempted to search more about this style. What is so attractive about Bangs is that they change your entire look. You can carry a simple dress or wear spectacles along with neatly trimmed bangs and the whole look is very fashionable. Bangs have always been called an experimented style as only when you try it out, result is very different. Though I will help you to know about Bangs, how to wear or not to wear them.lady in boycutlady in black3 Well Bangs have changed over the time, there are sharp cuts, pinned bang, choppy bangs, grown out bangs, soft thick strands, light bangs, bangs with short layers or heavy layering. There is so much for every face shape and feature. Plus no length is compromised in Bangs rather it adds volume in your hair. You can do a lot with them; convert them into side fringe, neatly pinned up puff or a dazzling head band for no Bangs day.lady in white beedslady in black2 Who must try solid bangs? Well woman with large foreheads and sharp features should feel free to experiment.  For oval shape face anything goes, some blessed woman these are. For square face, try layered fringe then a sharp blunt bang, on heart shape try long bangs to cover large forehead, for round face try side sweep bangs to draw longer angles. Though bangs are messy at times and tricky to style, but as I said earlier, you don’t have to wear them always, pin them down often. Create new looks every day.

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