BB, CC & DD Creams – Popular Makeup Trends

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Alphabet Creams are the new trend in the beauty and makeup industry today. This is a popular trend and girls and women from all over the world are using these alphabet creams for their makeup and beauty purposes. Everyone wants to look flawless, radiant and have the best makeup in town. This trend of BB, CC and DD creams first started in Korea and then later moved on to become popular in the rest of the world. These creams are a combination of beauty creams and makeup. Each type of cream has different benefits for the skin and for applying makeup. The following are details regarding each type of alphabet cream in the market today.BB CC Creams BB Creams The full form of BB Cream is either a beauty balm cream or a blemish balm cream. This is a beauty cream with makeup in it. This is a tinted moisturizer that gives excellent coverage to skin and when applied on the face it forms a light layer which acts as a foundation and a concealer. The benefits of this cream includes smooth skin, eliminating the use of thick cakey foundations, anti aging elements, SPF protection, moisturizing, giving radiant skin and luminous and bright look to the makeup. It helps people who want to wear makeup that does not look too made up and looks natural. CC Creams CC Cream is one step further than a BB cream as it has more benefits for the skin and in terms of makeup. It is lighter than a BB cream so it looks more natural and gives better coverage and evens the skin tone, to make the skin look more flawless. It is an excellent concealer and also comes with many benefits for the skin. CC cream means Complexion Corrector cream and it is used when your want to hide dark spots, redness, shallowness and dullness of skin. This cream usually has Vitamin C and Vitamin E, sunscreen benefits and looks much more natural than a BB cream. DD Creams This alphabet cream is new in the market and not yet very popular with the masses. This cream has more anti aging properties as compared to the other two creams and also has all the benefits of BB and CC creams. These creams are revolutionary new products in the beauty and makeup industries as they combine both makeup as well as benefits of beauty creams. They do the work of many different creams and so have become very popular.

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