Best fashion tips for guys and girls

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Fashion tips is for everybody.

It doesn’t differentiate between a guy or a girl in fact it opens new paths to help both the genders enjoy fashion. Styling fashion tips for guys could be very different from those of girls. Here are a few styling fashion tips for both guys and girls which could be very beneficial. Best Fashion Tips

For Guys

1. Maturity is the key- Guys try to look funky and youthful but that is where they go wrong. Their aim should be maturity. Girls like guys who are descent and well dressed. Maturity doesn’t mean dressing like oldies, it means dressing elegantly so focus on doing that.

2. Jeans it is- But only the ones which are good to look at. Stop dressing up jeans half down your hips and just about to fall. Now wear jeans just like it should be worn and don’t wear the one with a lot holes or cuts in it. It’s not for you anymore.

3. Change your footwear- Sneakers look cool but not classy and our focus is on classy. Buy a nice and sophisticated looking pair of leather shoes or loafers and pair it up with your good daily wear. You will notice a great change which is good for you.

For Girls

1. Keep it simple- Funky and heavy is good but only sometimes. For an everyday look you need to be cool and look really comfortable. Wear your normal tees and jeans along with cool sneakers or even heels (if we are going sexy). Try to keep it real simple yet classy.

2. Focus on your body type- This is where most of the girls go wrong and this is from where everything goes wrong. You need to identify your correct body type to proceed with anything! Stare yourself in the mirror and stare till you figure it out. Once you know your body type you are good to go.

3. Accessorize it– Accessories make every girl look pretty. Find and buy a few cool and chic neck pieces, bracelets, earrings and finger rings. You can pair them up according to your outfit for that perfect look.


Guys and girls need fashion equally. These tips can actually be life ad fashion savers for many people. The basic idea is to make you look more classy rather than funky, more elegant rather than a junky so change your ways of dress up and you are good to go.

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