Best Hairstyles of 2014

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Hair care and styling is one of the most important aspects of fashion. Having a bad hair day or a bad hairstyle can completely ruin the look for any women. Even if a woman is very stylish and is dressed in fabulous fashions of the season, a bad hairstyle can ruin the style for the fashion conscious women. Every year there are a set of hairstyles that become very popular in comparison to others. This is generally a mix of innovative new hairstyles, classic retro looks and also popular present trends. The following are some of the most popular and stylish hairstyles worn by women in 2014:Best Hairstyles Best Hairstyles of 2014: •    Braids are very much in fashion in 2014. Different types of braids look feminine as well as stylish. The Waterfall braid is a great idea for long, curly and wavy hair, as it makes the women look really pretty. Another very popular braid fashion of the season is the fishtail braid which looks really cute yet chic in 2014. Also in fashion is the classic French braid which is an elegant and retro fashion. •    Many women are wearing different types of bob hairstyles this season. The classic bob is in fashion along with the “lob” or the long bob hairstyles. Another trendy hairstyle is the angled bob. •    Medium length hair that ends around the shoulders is popular this year. This look paired with a middle parting works well on different types of hair. This look can be worn with curly hair, straight hair or even wavy hair. •    Side bangs are more stylish than regular bangs this year and they can be paired with different hairstyles. Wavy long hair goes well with side bangs and also a bob looks really chic with side bangs. •    The pixie haircut is very much in fashion in 2014 with some top celebrities from all over the world wearing the smart pixie hairstyle look. This look paired with side bangs looks really great. •    This year there is a lot of experimentation that women are doing with hair color. Multi-colored hair with different colors like blue, pink, red and yellow is very much in fashion. Ombre hair color style is also fashionable in 2014. Women in 2014 are wearing their hairstyles more boldly than ever before. Though the classic and elegant looks are still very stylish, women today are not scared to push the envelope when it comes to hairstyles and hair fashions.

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