Best Nail Paint & Nail Art Trends for the Winter

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An important part of the ensemble for fashionable women today is nail paint or nail art. Wear the wrong kind of nail color and the fashion police will charge you with a serious offense.

Often fashion conscious and celebrities wear amazing nail paints and nail art that are trendy for the season.

In winter 2013-14 there are some great nail art and nail paint fashions that work with the fabulous layered clothing of the season. Winter is a fun fashion season where nail art and nail paint becomes a part of the fashion.

The following are some great ideas and tips to follow this winter when it comes to nail art and nail polish trends of the season:Best Nail Paint
Nail Paint & Nail Art Trends for Winter:

•    Nail Paints are part of the ensemble and if you wear a wrong shade of nail paint it can ruin the entire look of the outfit. Generally in the winter months women tend to wear darker shades of nails paints. These compliment the darker clothes that are worn in the season and also compliment the mood and climatic conditions of the season.

•    In darker colors, nail paints of the colors black, brown, dark olive, dark grey, dark blue, maroon, darker shades of red and darker shades of green are popular and used very often.

•    Also in this season these darker colors are often complimented with shimmer and sparkle to add an extra glamorous touch to the nail paint. Besides this dark colors in metallic for nail paints and also silver, grey metallic nail paints are very popular in this season.

•    French manicures and nude colors also look good in winter with some types of outfits. In nail art trends again darker colors are used so that it looks good with the outfits of the season.

•    Leopard prints, polka dots, holiday season designs during the holidays and especially designs that depict snowflakes are very popular as nail art designs in the winter season.

•    A trend that has carried on since the summer of last year is ombre nails. Only difference from the summer designs is that in summer more vibrant colors like oranges and yellows were used where as in winter this year ombre nail art is seen everywhere more in darker colors.

The above were the trends to follow for the nail paints and nail art designs this winter.

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