Best Products & Tools for Eye Makeup

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Sparkling and beautiful eyes are the best assets for a woman. Eye Makeup is an essential component of makeup that enhances the beauty of a woman. As eyes are one of the most striking features of the face a good eye makeup will make the look more appealing and attractive. Eye makeup is generally applied on the eyelids and around the eyes. Eye makeup itself comes with various components as there are various styles of eye makeup. The following are some of the key products and tools available in 2014 that provide great eye make options and make eye makeup easy and super stylish: Best Products & Tools for Eye Makeup •    Mascara: Mascara is used to brighten, highlight and give volume to the eyelashes. Applying mascara makes the eyelashes look more prominent and is especially used by women with thin eyelashes. •    Eyeliner & Kohl: Eyeliner is used along the rim of the eye. It is most popularly used in the black color however eyeliners of different colors are also becoming popular. Eyeliners highlight the eyes and make them look more prominent. Kohl is a similar product like eyeliner and is mostly used in countries of South Asia, Middle East and also some parts of Africa. •    Eye Shadow: Eye shadow is a popular cosmetic used to give color to the eyelids and area just above the eyes. There are different types of eye shadows that are used like the powder form eye shadows, mousse form eye shadows and liquid form eye shadows. Eye shadows with glitter look really great for parties and fun evening occasions. •    Concealer:  Most of us have dark circles under the eyes. Concealer helps conceal these dark circles to give the eyes a fresh and bright look. Makeup Brushes: •    There are different types of makeup brushes that helps create the perfect eye makeup. For eye shadow, the basic eye shadow brush, crease brush, lid brush and a contour or blending brush is essential to create a great eye shadow effect. The angle eye shadow brush is also a great brush for eye shadow application. •    The eyeliner brush is a very thin brush with thin and soft bristles so that eyeliner can be applied without it smudging. The mascara brush usually comes with the mascara tube or bottle. •    Eyebrow brush is also used to define the eyebrows and make it more prominent. Eye makeup needs practice and after trying it out a few times one can become really good at applying it without needing to go the salon for it.

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