Best Ways to Wear Black & White

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Black and white outfits covered the runways and celebrities have always been rocking the classic color combo. Black and white hues are like the chocolate and vanilla of the fashion world, when mixed together. Even better, the color combo is universally appealing and can easily be adapted to suit a variety of sensibilities. As neutrals, black and white are classic wardrobe colors that work with virtually any other shades in your closet. But pairing the two can give you a particularly sharp, modern look that’s sure to turn heads around. Knowing how to accessorize a black and white outfit can be tricky. You can actually take your outfit depending on the accessories that you choose, so you can look as sleek or bold as you wish.Wear Black & White How to match Black and White with Accessories If you want to keep your look sleek and modern, choose other black and white pieces to pair with your outfit. Pair a white button blouse and black pencil skirt with a white leather belt, black clutch and black heels for a polished, sexy look that works well for the office. For a more casual look, wear a black V-neck tee shirt and white shorts with white gladiator sandals or ballet flats. If you like a modern look but want a little more variety in your outfit, pair your black and white outfit with gray or accessories to create an entirely neutral color palette. Mixing gold and silver jewelry accessories used to be considered a fashion faux pas, but it’s become a striking way to personalize your outfit. The ideal time to experiment with the look is when you’re wearing black and white clothing and the neutral shades will allow both the cool silver and warm gold tones to really pop up. To pull off the look, try pairing a flirty black and white dress with a handful of thin gold and silver bangles, or layer a thin silver chain under a gold pendant to emphasize a black and white top. If your outfit consists of solid black and white pieces, add dimension to it by including patterned accessories. You can keep things simple by choosing black and white prints. Pair a white sweater and black trousers with a funky black and white zebra print scarf for added fun. Using accessories to add bright color to a black and white outfit is an ideal way to spice it up and because they are neutral shades, you can incorporate any color that you like in your look.

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