Bohemian Clothing Style

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The term Bohemian means people who live a different sort of life, like natural artistic life. Bohemians were travelers from Europe. The bohemian style has become really trendy since the 60s and the 70s. It is especially associated with nature loving, artistic, liberal people. It is a trend that has caught on. The bohemian style of clothing became fashionable in the early years of 21st Century. Fashionable girls wore long flowing floral skirts to look like the gypsy girls.  Bohemian style of clothing is very feminine. Their way of life or their attitude is depicted in their clothes. Their clothes are casual and simple but are very charming in style. It gives a relaxed look when you wear bohemian style of clothes. The bohemian clothing never goes out of style. You can always have a good collection of bohemian style of clothes in your wardrobe. Clothing Bohemian clothing can be related to the hippie movement of 60s to 70s. The influence of gypsy culture and many other world cultures like Asian, African etc have had an impact on their clothing. Most of their clothing is made from natural fabrics s like cotton. The colors used by them are always bright colors like shades of orange, browns, red and yellows. They are fond of embroidered outfits and most of their clothing is ethnic in style. Embroidery with beads is also liked and done by them. Bohemian clothes are layered type loose clothes, mostly flowing cotton skirts which are very feminine. Peasant skirts and peasant tops are very popular bohemian style of clothing which are worn and liked by women all over the world. The concept of their clothing is to feel comfortable wearing them. Accessories A particular type of chunky jewelry or ethnic jewelry is very much part of their accessories. Along with clothes they use oversized bags. Bohemians have a laid back look which is seen in their clothing and their behavior. They have an earthy charming beauty in their clothes and they look pretty. In Bohemian fashion patterns, colors or rules are not followed.  Mismatched clothes or cut fabrics from retro clothes or making a scarf from vintage clothes is very common among them. But whatever they come up with they look good in their style of clothing. The fashion industry is inspired by bohemian or the Boho look. The mixture of Bohemian and urban clothes called Boho-Chic clothes is popular and is available online.

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