Bride and Groom Clipart for Wedding Cake

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Wedding cake decorated with bride and groom clipart seems to be essential dish to celebrate both groom and bride for their new level of life. There are so many wedding clipart which are designed stylishly complete with background of scenery behind the groom and bride. Sometimes, you also can find special edition of wedding clipart with unique design and price for cake decoration.

Ordinary Bride and Groom Clipart Design

Chibi or petite cute version of bride and groom clipart should be the best and unique clipart for wedding cake decoration ideas. This petite clipart is designed simply with groom wearing tuxedo and high hat is holding hand of bride who wearing retro wedding dress with long chapel train.

Extraordinary Bride and Groom Clipart

Comparing the ordinary bride and groom clipart, the extraordinary wedding clipart for wedding cake looks more elegant with unique design and color. Sometimes, you can find the groom and bride wearing colorful wedding suit and dress while riding a bike happily. You might be interested in reading Girl’s fashion 1950’s.

It is such pretty choice to decorate your special high wedding cake layered. To complete the bride and groom wedding suit and dress, unique and extraordinary bride and groom clipart should be the best solution completing the wedding party theme ideas.

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