Bubble Nails – Major Style of 2015

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Are you a nail painter? Are you someone who likes to try art forms and put in all the creativity into nails? Do you like spending time with your nail clipper and clip filing your nails for that sexy look? There are endless stylesin the market which promise ravishing nails but seldom are they able to give you what they promise. An easier and assured trending way of being able to look good are bubble nails, also known as the “hump nails”. The bubble nail look is simple to create unlike the misconception most people have.There are a number of styles and promising shades as per your need and want. Women have used their nails to create that identity look for themselves since ages. They are properly maintained, washed and treated for being extremely hygienic and clean. The bubble nail culture is spreading like a plague and can create impressions ranging from the cutestones to absolutely obnoxious depending on how you want to create that magical look. The only thing that stops you from getting your wanted look is the negative comments you read online and your perception that it might seem “wanna be”. Once that perception is taken care of you can go ahead and create that standing impression and use the bubble nail style as a part of your life and live your life once again to the fullest. There are no impression disasterswith the use of these bubble nails and rather they are meant to convey your feel and mood. They are easy to manage and can be very easy to paint through. A little work on the right chipping using the clipper and then filing it the right way round and you are done half the way. The coloring pattern is then a matter of choice. Forget the world! If you believe you can look better and feel better with it you have no reason to hold yourself from carrying bubble nails and painting the creative you from it. Do not forget that you have only one life and you deserve to use it like all others- looking like you want yourself to. Paint your nails, the way you want your buffer nails to look! Use a buffer file to take the paint off the nails. Finally dip your nails in acetone! Scrape over the left over acrylic paint with a buffer. Use petroleum jelly for the skin underneath to keep your fingers safe and smooth! That’s all and you are done.So get out and bring the2015 stylish buffer nail change in you!

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