Can Fashion Transform A Person Internally?

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Fashion is a part of our daily lives. It is something that we have to deal with everyday. Fashion is a widely popular practise or art. It is distinctive in the sense that every individual has a different sense of what fashion is. It can be a habitual trend in the way of a person’s style statement. It can be the style which is prevailing and also the work of designers worldwide. Even people who say and proclaim that they do not care about their garments or clothes, choose outfits which speak a lot of things about them. Fashion is a sense of reflecting one’s attitude. It is generally the reflection of one’s attitude. The clothes people wear, the garments they buy, and the outfits that they choose, the accessories they carry speak a ton of things about them. Fashion is all around us We are surrounded by fashion. We see designer’s advertisements everywhere and new collections hitting the shelves every month. We see new clothes and garments every spring, summer, winter and fall. People tend to relate to fashion in a very generic way. Different people have different tastes, choices and attitudes which reflect their sense of dressing. People relate to fashion on a personal basis. They choose clothes which fit their lifestyle needs, day to day activities and colours and designs that they love. Women in fact are generally choosy when it comes to appearance and style. They love to explore and are not bound by any limitations. Fashion should not be bound to any subjective limiting factors Individuals and fashion Fashion is creativity, individuality and being different. It is a way of expressing inner beauty. A person may choose to experiment with different styles and outfits. Wearing your favourite garments incorporate a sense of well being. A person may become more comfortable and outward when he/she is wearing something that he/she feels nice in. That is why choosing garments matching your taste can be crucial. A person my become more self satisfied and less self conscious when he/she is in something that he/she feels special or good in. Choosing the correct fashion style statement can therefore be very important in a person’s life. Fashion is a relative term. Individuals may have a sense of well being and self satisfaction in wearing clothes they like. They may feel more outward and happy. Fashion is subjective and is not bordered by the realms of society. It has influenced culture and society for years. People like to dress up and attend parties, gathering, social functions and other events. Designers all over the world believe that fashion have the power to transform an individual which provides the foundation for many of their collections. People associate the clothes they wear with the type of mood and attitude they are going to carry. It has been aptly said that clothes reflect your attitude. Also people tend to categorise other people on the basis of what they wear. Thus, fashion can come off as very idolising and intriguing. People blend into the outfits that they wear and that gives off a certain distinctive impression about them.

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