Capes – A Major Fashion of 2014

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Every year there is a distinct fashion that becomes very popular in that year. This fashion is usually innovative and a little different from the run of the mill fashions that keep trending with the changing seasons. This year, in 2014 that fashion is Capes. Cape is a sleeveless cloak that fall loosely around the shoulders and is held around the neck with a neckband. A cape may have a hood like those in the olden days. Capes were worn extensively in the olden days and have made a fashionable comeback in 2014. Capes may be short, mid length or long, depending on the type of clothing and the occasion that it is worn at.  The following are some of the cape fashions of 2014:Capes A Fashion Fashion Trend- Capes •    Capes have been worn in all seasons this year. At the starting of the year, capes made a huge fashion statement on Hollywood red carpets. Over the shoulder capes were seen with evening gowns making them spectacularly dramatic on the red carpet. Celebrities went for a long dramatic flowing form of the capes with their evening gowns which was an instant hit with the fashion forward women. •    Capes are very versatile and so they have been popular in every season this year and also been trendy with both formal and casual wear. •    Dramatic short dresses with an over the shoulder cape detail are amazing. These have been seen this year on the runway as well as worn by women who follow high fashion. •    Capes are particularly popular in the fall/winter seasons as they are appropriate for the weather. Capes are the perfect substitute for coats in the chilly fall winter seasons. Wearing a cape instead of a coat lifts casual wear to make it trendy and fashionable. •    A very trendy cape, this year is the Burberry cape with the wearer’s initials on it. This has been worn by supermodels and celebrities in 2014. •    Mostly capes that are worn in 2014 are chic and do not have prints on it, exception being some basic nature inspired prints. Capes have been seen in all colors and like coats, cape colors depends on the color of the outfit worn under the cape. •    Colors of fall/winter like gray, black, brown are popular. Plaid is another print trendy in capes and red and black is the perfect plaid cape combination. Red is seen with darker colors a lot this fashion season. Capes are a great fashion of 2014 and this fashion is likely to continue in the future as well.

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