Celebrity Weddings – Hot Fashion Trends

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Celebrity weddings are followed by brides in the world to make their special day a memorable one. We all love celebrity weddings and as soon as our favorite celebrity walks down the aisle we try to get news about what dress she wore, details about the decorations, menu and theme of the wedding. Celebrity weddings create fashion trends that are then followed by brides all over the world. Currently also there are some hot fashion trends that have been seen in celebrity weddings that are then followed by fashion conscious brides in the world today. The following are some of the fashion trends seen at celebrity weddings that have become popular in 2014:Celebrity Weddings Hot Fashion Fashion Trends in Celebrity Weddings •    Using colors in the wedding dresses like pinks and lilacs instead of just having a white dress was followed by many celebrities. •    Lace is very popular with celebrities and major celebrity weddings have seen dresses with a lot of lace details in the last few years. Lace sleeves, lacey backs and lace around the neckline look really pretty. A lace veil also looks traditional yet very chic in a wedding. •    A very popular trend that many celebrities are endorsing is fresh flowers and lots of them. The decorations are mainly very floral these days with an assortment of lovely flowers to create a very artistic look to the weddings these days. •    Many celebrity brides go for the dramatic look and opt for wedding dresses with long trains behind them. Flowing gowns always have a certain charm to them that create a nice old world charm look for the wedding dress. •    Outdoor weddings are in vogue with celebrities these days. County side weddings, weddings at the beach, weddings in famous historic places are popular among celebrities. Another celebrity wedding trend is to marry in a foreign country. Countries like Italy and Spain in Europe and places like Bali and Thailand in Asia are selected as wedding venues with celebrities from all over the world. •    When it comes to hairstyles, braids, buns and curls are in style with celebrities. Wearing flowers or a tiara in the hair is also very much a celebrity wedding trend at the moment that gives the bride a different look altogether. Currently many of the celebrities are opting for a more traditional theme for their weddings. Once you see a top celebrity wear a particular type of dress or create a particular type of theme for her wedding, it is immediately followed by fashion conscious brides.

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