Chanel’s Feminist Protest at Paris Fashion Week

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Chanel is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world and participates every year in the major fashion weeks in New York, London and of course Paris. Chanel is a French fashion brand that was founded over a century ago in 1909 by Coco Chanel. Today Chanel is famous and its clothes and products are available all over the world. Millions of women all over the world love this brand and Chanel as a brand today sells fashion haute couture, every day wear, fragrances, makeup & skin care, jewelry, accessories, watches and handbags and is one of the most fashionable brands on the planet today. Chanel’s Feminist Protest at Paris Fashion Week The models walked the runway for Chanel in the Paris Fashion Week holding large placards about feminism. Some leading models of the world like Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen, Kendell Jenner and Georgia May Jagger were all part of this show. While Cara Delevingne was seen holding a microphone, other top models were seen with placards with different feminist slogans on them. Some of the placards held slogans like “History is Her Story”, “Women’s Rights are More than Alright” “Be Different” and “Ladies First”. The setting of the fashion show was designed like a street so that the protest show can look more like a street protest. The entire feminist protest was not all serious and it had some frivolous “feminist” slogans as well. This fashion show got the world’s attention as it was something unique and innovative that Chanel did at the Paris Fashion Week. The Spring/Summer Collection displayed at the Paris Fashion Week was very good and got some great positive reviews. Doing this “feminism protest” fashion show however got mixed reviews Feminism is an important subject and women’s rights are very important all over the world. Even in fashion, there must be a genuine attempt to safeguard women’s rights. For example fashion brands should define the “ideal” body type for a women who can create physical and psychological problems for girls and women attempting to have the perfect body. This feminism protest was an innovative idea for a fashion show for the Paris Fashion Week. As women feel very strongly around the world against the continued injustice against women all over the world it has become an emotive subject. But this was just a fashion show and with such a different idea it certainly drew eyeballs from all over the planet.

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