Chic Maternity Fashions

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Being pregnant is one of the best times for a woman. This is a time when a woman is expecting the birth of her child and is going through a truly magnificent time in her life. However this is a time when a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes and regular clothes don’t fit anymore. Women as they proceed in their pregnancy have to wear maternity clothes that are larger in size and also make them feel comfortable. However maternity clothes do not mean that women cannot be fashionable. The following are some great choices for maternity clothing that are comfortable and look stylish: Chic Maternity Fashions •    Wearing bohemian style long flowing dresses that are stylish yet loose and comfortable is a great idea. The dress can follow the latest styles in color, patterns and prints but need not be fitted and uncomfortable. Casual flat shoes go well with this type of dress and make it a simple, chic and comfortable choice as maternity fashions. •    Even if layers are a thing of only fall/winter, pregnant woman can wear layers comfortably through the year. Thin layers for spring/summer fashions and proper layers for fall/winter when it gets chilly is a perfect choice for pregnant women. •    If you want to wear a fitted dress showing off your pregnant belly, then such dresses are also available. However make sure it is comfortable and also make sure it is a thicker fabric that makes the pregnant figure look good. •    A great chic choice for maternity wear is wearing a dress that has a fitted design at the waist just below the bust. In pregnancy the bust also seems to grow a little. Wearing a dress that is fitted just below the breast makes the breast look prominent. Also this type of dress is ideal for pregnancy wear as it is fitted below the breast and is loose from thereafter to whatever is the length of the dress. This makes it comfortable and covers the belly effectively. •    Following this fitted below the bust pattern, a great formal wear idea for pregnant women is the Grecian style fitted below the bust type fashion. This looks great on pregnant women and also looks super elegant and stylish. •    If you are looking to wear clothes that show off being pregnant then light colors is a great idea and vice versa if you want to wear clothes that do not immediately draw focus on the belly then darker colors make more sense.

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