Choose The Right Neckpieces

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There are not many who have the fetish and the knowledge to wear neckpieces in the right manner. Though you are my favorite if you do wear neckpieces often and break the boring accessory routine, one must follow the rules of choosing right neckpiece for your various necklines. Turtlenecks are good choice in winters and long chains in junk or crystals compliment the long neckline of the blouses. Long beads or chains looks good with boat shape necklines and add some height to the upper body. For scoop shaped necks add volume with short but broad neckpieces to balance the wide cut of the blouse/shirt. If you love flaunting your shoulder bones in strapless blouses,  multiple shiny beads or heavy single stone neckpiece will help to fill some space on the upper part of your body. Angular and asymmetrical designs in neck jewelry can be carried with square necks or off shoulders; they compliment the complete dress brilliantly.  Though personally, I prefer off shoulders blouses can be smartly teamed up with thin long chains or beads too. The vintage sweetheart shape necks are mostly matched with net or lace arms, it is a safe bet for cocktail parties or dine out. Embrace it with carved out pendants, something that is antique and glittery too. For V-shape necks, rule is simple. Firstly always wear some neckpiece with all your V-necks and preferably shaped in ‘V’. This is simple fashion science ladies; V-neckpieces flatter V-necks decently.  Halter necks are always in fashion for beach lovers and especially in the summer outings, accessories it with slim small neckpiece, even keeping it jewelry-proof is a subtle idea. For simple collar shirts, you may wear choker pieces off work or neat single chains to keep it precise. When you are experimenting and shopping for neckpieces, always think about the dress it will be worn with, choose accordingly and do not overcrowd the neck and shoulder with ‘over-bling’ accessories. Keep it simple but keep it right.

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