Chunky Jewelry- A Great Fashion Accessory Trend

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Accessories, especially jewelry are very popular with woman as they add an amazing look to the ensemble and make the women look more beautiful. Jewelry fashions for both formal occasions and casual looks keep changing through time and every year or every new fashion season there are new trends that hit the runways and the markets. Nowadays the latest trend in accessories and jewelry is “chunky” jewelry. Chunky jewelry means big and bold jewelry pieces that are funky and really cool to wear with formal as well as everyday clothes. The following are different types of chunky jewelry trends that are very popular this fashion season: Chunky Jewelry Fashion Trend: • Big beads of different colors like reds, blues, yellows and greens are very popular in chunky jewelry this spring season. Large necklaces made with different types of shiny stones are very popular with the young crowd especially with trendy casual wear. • Another very popular chunky jewelry trend is metallic gold and silver plated chains as necklaces which are very popular with casual wear clothes like jackets, t-shirts and pants. • Generally the trend is to wear many types of chunky jewelry pieces together as a part of the outfit so that its looks great together. Also one has to be careful not to overdo the chunky jewelry or else it would look cheap and gaudy with almost any outfit. • Bracelets, watches and bangles that are bold and large in size are part of the chunky jewelry trend. Mostly metallic pieces that are very popular like watches and bracelets with gems studded in them are part of this trend. • The most popular metallic colors in this trend are gold and silver with oxidized metal also being part of this fashion trend. • Many ethnic fashions are followed by this trend. Earring, necklaces, bracelets and anklets with ethnic designs that are chunky and bold make perfect accessories as a part of this trend. • Many times bold and big plastic jewelry pieces in different colors become very popular with this trend and many women wear such jewelry pieces with everyday casual wear. • Usually chunky jewelry matches the boho style bold fabric prints that are worn in clothes that usually match this type of accessory trend. Chunky jewelry is very versatile and can be worn at different types of occasions paired with different types of outfits and so the trend of chunky jewelry is definitely catching.

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