Clothing Trends in Summer 2014

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Women from all over the world love to buy clothes and follow clothing fashions that change every season. Summer is a great time for clothing fashions as there is a great scope to experiment with the latest trends and wear different types of clothes without worrying about the weather outside. Every year there are new fashion trends that become very popular in the summer. These fashions are seen among celebrities as well as with trendy women all over the world. Fashion keeps changing and to be with the fashion one needs to know what is fashionable in the season and what is not. The following are some of the fashion trends that are very popular this year in the summer: Clothing Trends in Summer 2014: •    This summer stripes are very much in fashion. They are most popular in black and white combinations however bright colors of the summer paired with white and black are also trendy this summer. Horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, thin stripes, broad stripes and geometrical designs using stripes are all in vogue this summer. •    Another major fashion trend of the summer is short shorts. Denim short shorts are perfect for an evening out or a casual day at the beach. For brunches and slightly more semiformal events beige or white color shorts are more appropriate. •    The bright candy colors of summer like coral, pink, orange, yellow and red are very much liked by women this season. Other colors popular this summer are different shades of grey, gold and silver and also the blue shades of denim. •    Black and white are also majorly trending this season, especially white. Women are seen wearing white long dresses, short dresses, white pants and white lacey or crochet blouses or tops. The black and white combination looks super chic in the summer especially when paired with a nice red lipstick. •    Ankle length fitted pants and jeans are more stylish than ever before. Celebrities are endorsing this fashion in a large way and women all over the world are wearing such pants with high heels that are visible, thanks to the ankle length of the pants. •    Fitted jackets are very much trending this season. Also popular in the summer are short dresses, lacey dresses, flowing long dresses, short skirts with shimmery details, denim jackets, denim shorts and skirts, polka dots and denim jeans. Summer is a great season for fashion as there are various different opportunities to go out, party and have a nice time. Even casual wear is trendy and cool in the summer months.

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