Colorful Denim Jeans

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One of the most important fashions to be followed this year is colorful denim jeans. Gone are the days when you saw women and girls wear only boring blue or black jeans. Do not get this wrong, blue and black are classic jean colors and people will always wear them, but nowadays women are also buying different colored jeans that are truly fabulous. A brightly colored pair of jeans is enough to lift the entire outfit for regular to glam. Celebrities and fashionistas have really adopted this fashion in a big way this year. Whether it is royals, elite or movie stars and music divas almost everyone has been caught wearing the perfect colored denim this season.Colorful Jeans About the Trend Virtually overnight, colored denim has become the biggest trend to hit the streets. The trend is a great way to change your denim uniform and the bright, cheerful colors are perfect for Fall this season. You can never go wrong when pairing any colored pair of jeans with a black, white, cream or a brown top. Any pair of bright jeans would look awesome with a white button down dress shirt, a sheer black silk shirt or a cream colored cardigan sweater. Coral Skinnies with a chambray top is like a regular denim and pastel outfit, with a twist. Because the base of the outfit is so classic looking, don’t be afraid to add a few bold accessories, like a snakeskin bag and turquoise jewelry. Finish with a pair of fun wedges and you’re ready to go. Another fun way to rock your colored jeans is to pair them with a bold print. Polka dots, nautical stripes, floral prints and geometric prints would all look really trendy and playful this season. Another striking combination is mint green pants that would look awesome paired with a leopard print blouse. The chocolate and black tones make the green look extra bright. Keep your accessories somewhat simple with crystal earrings and a mint colored bangle that will look fancy but not over the top. Finish with ballet flats and some pink lipstick for extra brightness. A jean jacket, light trench coat, cardigan or blazer will look season appropriate and keep you protected from harsh winds or light rain. Light pink jeans with a white blazer will look amazing and a floral shirt will look cute peeking out from under the jacket. Depending on what sort of event you’re going to, pair the look with heels or ballet flats.

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