Colors of Spring 2014

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Every season has its colors and wearing the wrong colors in the season is a major faux pas. After a really long winter which was cold and dull, fashionistas from all over the world are looking towards the spring season to wear some really fabulous spring colors. In winter darker colors like black, grays, whites and browns are very popular as they reflect the mood of the season and the dull climate that comes with it. The next season however completely contrasts this trend to bring in fun bright colors that highlight the spring season and bring cheer in the fashion world. The following is a detailed look at some of the colors that are very stylish and fashionable in Spring 2014: Colors of Spring 2014: Red: This is a popular choice in spring that gives an instant lift and a fun element to the outfit. Women can wear red skirts, dresses, jackets, beach wear, even red pants and shorts that look fabulous this season. However red is a bright color so remember that overdoing it is not a good idea. Yellow & Orange: These are really summery colors and can be worn from spring onwards. With the sunny weather and lovely colorful flowers that bloom in this season, different shades of yellow and orange look casual and fun in the spring that are very popular and can match the nature in Spring 2014. Pink: One of the favorite colors for women all over the world is pink. Different shades of pink look really attractive and feminine in spring and are definitely a hot fashion trend in 2014. From fuchsia to the lightest shade of baby pink, this is a very versatile color in fashion. Darker pink shades can be worn for evening wear and lighter shades compliment the spring season very well as casual shades can be worn any time. Light Blue: Light blue is a cute and trendy color of spring. The ideal way to wear this color is by wearing light blue denims. Light blue denim skirts, shorts, jackets and denim jeans look really smart this season and are ideal for Spring 2014. Florescent Colors: Spring welcomes florescent or neon colors in style. One can wear really bright fashionable colors in style this season without worrying about how they look and whether it is an over the top fashion. However overdoing this trend may not be such a bad idea. These colors of spring are beautiful and make the ensembles look absolutely stunning.

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