Colors Trendy in the Summer of 2015

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Summer is a great season for fashion. It is a fun season with vibrant colors and beautiful clothing fashions. Whether it is beachwear, sundresses, casual wear or evening wear colors of summer dictate fashion for fashion conscious women all over the world. Every fashion season, every year there are distinct fashions that become fashionable and are seen all over the world. Color trends of summer 2015 are chic and bold with an element of fun and vibrancy in them. The following are some of the color trends of the summer of 2015 that are popular with fashionable women: Trendy Colors of Summer 2015 •    Different shades of blue and grey are popular in this season. Yes grey is popular even though it is traditionally a cold weather color. Grey looks great paired along with other vibrant colors in spring/summer 2015 fashions. Also from the lightest shades of blue to dark blue and also icy blue are all fashionable in 2015. •    The traditional colors of summer fashion have made a mark on fashion this year also. This includes vibrant colors and its shades especially colors like orange and red which really underline the vibrancy of the summer season. •    Various shades of pink and yellow are trendy this season and they are generally paired with colors like blue and green. Shade of green are interestingly in fashion this summer as plant and floral inspirations are very trendy in prints this summer season. •    Wearing clothes with large and bold prints with a large number of colors in the print is become very trendy this fashion season. This wild and colorful look requires all the colors mentioned above and some more colors also. •    Animal prints, ethnic and tribal prints and shaded designs all work well in the summer of 2015. They work well in casual wear, stylish party wear and also most importantly in stylish beach wear of the season. •    Combination of vibrant colors like orange, yellow and red with darker colors like black and dark blue are very famous this year. Dull and drab colors of the winter are a complete no-no when it comes to designs and styles of clothing in the summer. There has to be an element of vibrancy in the outfit in summer styles. Summer 2015 has edgy and trendy fashions that are truly making it a great summer of fashion. The above mentioned colors are used in clothing items, accessories and even in shoes as they are popular in summer 2015.

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