Cool down with Summer Fabric

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Wearing comfort in summers should be the foremost fashion seed to peck and wear it aptly.  The style shouts out loose and manageable clothing with fresh colors and cool fabrics. I will suggest you to follow the C&L rule! CL means Cotton-Linen fabric. You won’t find this rule in any fashion book but largely opted for keeping in mind the benefits of C&L fabric all over the world. Cotton is a strong woven fabric, heat reflector, blends all colors, light weight, easy to wash and designers delight to experiment with. It is available in trousers, shirts, dresses, shorts, long scarves, and many more. You may buy cotton without any doubts as this fabric will never go out of fashion. Linen is a hit among the designers as it can be well crafted for both men and women.  Pastel hues shirts, jackets, trousers and short tunics are best available in linen fabric. Though it wrinkles easily but is a best choice for shirts and trousers for men.  Buy pure linen and opt for loose threads with minimum knots. Fabrics like rayon, denim and cotton-lycra based are also good for summer clothing. They are stretchable and not heavy threads for trousers, shorts and tunics. Keep in mind that whatever you wish to buy for summers, choose your fabric according to the style you often carry on do not blindly stuff all cotton or all linen in wardrobe that makes your style stagnant.. Cotton is comfortable for shirts, skirts and pants. Silk is a good choice for evening wear and formal shirts also. Linen is best fit for tunics and trousers to remain hassle free.

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