Cool Gadget Retail Trends of 2014

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Gadget TrendsEvery year technology is advancing giving us new and fabulous electronic gadgets that make our lives easier and also entertaining.  These gadgets are immediately bought by many consumers and have become a part of their everyday life. They are trendy fashionable and also very useful hence very popular with the consumers all over the world. In 2014 also there are some really trendy gadgets that are eagerly awaited by the consumers and are likely to be launched this year. The following is a list of some of these cool gadgets that are expected to make major sales in 2014: Cool Gadgets of 2014: • Wearable technology is a new concept and in 2014 there are a range of products that are likely to become popular, all part of this trend. The iWatch and other smart watches which are watches with a screen and internet access are likely to become popular in 2014. • Another popular wearable technology product which may become really popular in 2014 is Google Glass. Google Glass looks like your average eyewear like spectacles and is a wearable computer that you wear like glasses on your eye and it has an optical head mounted display. It is expected to be leased to the consumers this year and is a super trendy and anticipated gadget to hit the markets this year. • New smartphones with improved features are expected from Samsung, Apple, LG and other consumer electronics manufacturers. The latest model in the Samsung Galaxy S series is expected this year and Samsung will also introduce the new model in the Samsung Galaxy Note series of phablets which is the Galaxy Note 4. New Apple iPhone and iPad models are expected this year and the iPhone is expected to have some major changes from the previous models to make it even more advanced this year. • There are some really advance high definition TV’s with great resolutions expected this year by all major brands for audiences all over the world. Video gaming industry is also expected to get some really cool new gadgets and technologies in 2014 with major releases and announcements expected in the industry. • Another area of technology that is popular with consumers is apps on their smartphones and tablets which are expected to see many new and exciting apps to hit the markets in 2014. Overall 2014 is looking like a great year for retail of new and exciting gadgets for consumers all over the world.

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