Cool ways to Include Crop Tops in Outfits

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Crop tops are an insanely cool fashion if you have the right kind of a body for it. It showcases the flat stomach really well and yet it is not over the top fashion that overexposes. It is the perfect fashion that is hot yet elegant and can be worn for a variety of different events. Crop tops can be styled in different types of outfits and paired with different types of fashions. They can be worn in different color combinations and are very cute yet stylish. The following are cool ways to include crop tops in outfits: How to Include the Crop Top Fashion in Outfits •    A stylish crop top with a high waist pencil skirt or a cute crop top with a high waist fifties style flared skirt are both good combinations. Sometimes like on the beach, crop tops with high waist short skirts also look really trendy and hot at the same time. •    For a formal wear option a crop top with a long full skirt is a great idea for a gown style look. Vibrant colors go well with white and this trend can also be worn with darker colors and shiny prints for evening wear. More often than not boat necks and sleeveless necklines work really well with crop tops. •    Wearing crop tops with low waisted pants can look over the top and trashy as it leaves a huge gap in the middle so it is important that when wearing this style the entire outfit does not look too trashy. •    Crop tops with high waist pants are a great idea. They can be matched in color and print with the pants and can end up looking really cool and funky. Another great option is trying crop tops with palazzo pants. The fashion of palazzo pants is totally back in style and this retro fashion works really well with crop tops which are also a retro inspired fashion. This fashion of crop tops work perfectly with slim fit pants that end at the ankles. •    As spring starts and the weather gets warmer, a great idea is to start wearing shorts again. Denim high waist shorts are a great idea and they look really sexy, fashionable and cool with crop tops. Another great option with crop tops is black flared short skirts in leather. •    Adding a jacket or a loose sweater on the crop top and pants or skirts will give an added style to the outfit.

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