Coupon Websites for Shopping

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Coupons are issued by the manufacturer of consumer goods for the sales promotion of their products. Coupons are distributed by the brand retailers through newspapers, mails, magazines, internet and mobile phones. People who are price conscious spend time to collect the coupons and use them in markets or online to get discounts and save money. Nowadays the competition is so great that every retailer tries to give maximum discounts to sell their products. Even the online shopping websites give additional coupons to attract the customer. Types of Coupons There are two types of coupons, electronic coupons and hard copy coupons. The electronic coupon is found on the internet and can be printed and used at the store. There are certain websites which provide additional coupons that can be downloaded on your smartphone and can be scanned directly on the counter in the store. The other type of hard copy coupon is found in newspapers, advertisements, in food packages, store flyers and in mailers. How do Coupons Work The store coupons are issued in the stores and can be used only in that particular store where they will give you discount on the products mentioned on the coupon. Manufacturer’s coupons are from the manufacturer and can be used in any stores where they are accepted by them. By giving you discount the manufacturer reimburses the amount to the store which has given you discount. The most common source for manufacturer’s coupons is Sunday newspaper. Some stores will allow you to use their coupon and manufacturer’s coupon for the purchase of a single item. But you cannot use multiple coupons for the purchase of a single item. More and more retailers are opting for e coupons. To access these coupons you can visit the stores website and register your card or phone number with them. Then you can view the offers and add them to your account. These discounts will be given to you when you buy the correct items using your card or phone at the checkout counter. If you spend a couple of hours learning about how to use coupons, you will definitely save a lot of money every month. Always read the fine print on every coupon to get an idea of where and how to use them. Never go for expired, copied or altered coupons. Some of the trusted coupons printing sites are,,, and

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