Crazy Makeup in Wrong Ways

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Applying crazy makeup in your face for your daily activities is actually something inappropriate. Even though many women said that this kind of makeup is appropriate with the condition of the table, you may not apply all this kind of makeup in your face. If your face is sensitive enough, it may make your face become destroyed or get problem.

 Mass media has been recorded that there are some trends of celebrity makeup in the world that is considered as crazy makeup. The first example is makeup that is applied by Lady Gaga. In this make up, she uses eyeliner in very bright color. Then, it is also supported by other color that can’t support the appearance of this make up.

The other trend that is also considered as crazy makeup is the cat eyes that are created in very extreme look by Katy Perry. She makes combination between black liquid eye liners that is applied on the top of the eye with the metallic gold eye liner which is applied in the lower lash line. This combination make her eye seems like too much. You might be interested in reading long skirt 2012.

Lips that is applied with neon fuchsia color is also considered as too much makeup. It is applied by popular celebrity Christina Aguilera. She combined the heavy makeup in her eye with the bold lips. This crazy makeup makes her looks little bit funny.

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